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Changes come in doll making process with time duration

Sushovan Ray Sushovan Ray Oct 10, 2020 · 1 min read
Changes come in doll making process with time duration
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With the time duration some changes is come into the doll making process artist are started to use the machine for cutting wooden log , started to use varsities type of color , after taking taring under the guidance of Design master - Haripada Roy Chowdhuri artist are learn product design, development process of a craft.

At the period of started of doll making process to from today total doll making work are held like cutting of brunches of tree ,wooden log to ornamentation of doll is totally hand made process.

Only one changes is before the wooden log cutting will be held by the use of big teeth hand saw ,now government setup a rale and trouble machine for cutting of log.

When artisans are started doll making they are only use dust color but now a days besides use of dust color they also use acrylic color, wooden polish ,otherwise total doll making process is same from past to now a days.

Action taken by : • At the time one day come into Nobodeep a person whose name is Haripada Roy Chowdhuri, who was a (design master). he saw the wooden doll for that case to take the information he go to the Natungram. • After that he motivated the villagers and who train the worker and their family also. • He give the design development idea of every product. • Who was gave the villagers new idea about the craft.

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