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Exploring the History of Hand Block Printing

Tanmay Sutradhar Tanmay Sutradhar Jul 14, 2020 · 1 min read
Exploring the History of Hand Block Printing
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Innovation and Creativity in Improving Usability have become the buzzwords in the global Handicrafts market. In this Content, one would explore The History of Hand Block Printing of Jaipur, Rajasthan and Pre-Requisite of Hand Block Printing. It is very Crucial to access the taste and Requirement of clients and develop for unique selling point in terms of quality, aesthetics and authenticity. Capacity building up for gradation of quality in terms of design and technology, the project Participants will have one to one meeting with a designer.

History of the Craft

The Traditional Process of Hand Block Printing on Textiles with rich natural colours has been practised in Rajasthan around 500 years ago. Block Printing was introduced in Jaipur Region of Rajasthan by Cheap Community Tribal. This Community was originally Located in Bagru village, an area now famous for Vegetables Dye and Mud Resist (dabu) block Prints. The art of Block printing has been down from Generations within families and communities and has branched out in recent decades to Other regions such as Sanganer, Just south of Jaipur. In traditional Bagru style block printing, the recipes for the traditional Plant-Based Dyes were developed within each family and kept alive from Generation to Generation. The colours are dependent on the quality of the Plants, the water and skill and knowledge of the Printing Master. In more recent forms of Block Printing such as those Practiced in Sanganer colours are mixed using AZO-free Pigment Dyes.



The First Textile Printing Technique was that using blocks with raised Printing Surfaces, which were Inked and then passed on to the Fabric. By Repetition the image from the single block builds up into a complete Design Over the fabric area. Some early blocks were made of clay or terracotta and others of carved wood. Wooden blocks carrying design motifs were found in tombs near the ancient town in upper Egypt. Pencilling was also used for some time. The biggest problem was that of achieving bright and fast colours. Madder is the most Important dye which is used to satisfy the need.

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Tanmay Sutradhar
Written by Tanmay Sutradhar
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