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Collection and Application of Lacquer

Abhijit Pradhan Abhijit Pradhan Jul 12, 2020 · 2 mins read
Collection and Application of Lacquer
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Lac is resinous substances which a female insect produces in a translucent reddish fluid when it is embedded in a kind of cylinder of Pipal, Bel, or Bar tree twigs to lay its eggs. The secretion of reddish fluid is gathered on the branches of the host tree. After laying eggs the insects leave the branches. Then collectors cut the branches bring those to the storage point called as Lakhghara in odisha.

Lacquer source

The remarkable nature of this strain is that it thrives on a species (Samanea saman or Albizia saman) locally known as - Bada Chakunda, Khirisa, or Nidrabati other than conventional lacquer host trees like - Kusumi and Palash. One of the equipment obtainable abundantly in the natural world and known to man from very premature times in the use of art and craft is lac or shellac.

Steps of extract raw lacquer

After storing the branches for 2-3 days the pill reddish substance(Raw lacquer) from branches. Then wash it and let it be dried properly. Put the pill and dried substance in the middle portion of the pipe, like a thick and porous cotton bag of around 4-5 feet length and 1.5 feet circumference. Then prepared flame of charcoal where they heat the substances holding the cotton bag at both ends by one person each until it melts. The heating process continued, gradually where they keep on rolling the bag at a substance over the flame. After the raw lacquer begins to melt they twist the bag from both ends to extract the fine lacquer.

Raw lacquer

Lacquer apply on Doll

After collecting the raw lacquer it is ready to be applied to the model through a few processes. First, you have to make clay dolls. The doll must be burned. Then mix the colour with hot raw lacquer. After mixing the colour make a stick of lacquer. Bamboo sticks and stones can be used to mix colours. The burned doll needs to be heated. Then put an iron rod under the hot doll. Heat the lacquer stick and apply it to the hot doll. Then packaged and ready for sale.

application on doll

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