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Finding traditional Lacquer Doll craft

Jan 30, 2019 · 1 min read
Finding traditional Lacquer Doll craft
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The Lacquer doll is a beauty of craft in india and it is associated with previous cultures.The marriage between pair of doll is auspicious. It was believed that the presence of a pair dolls in the house would enrich and strenghthen the nuptial bond. It would also add peace and properity of marital life. However the doll lost its significance and the custom and traditions attached to it lost their importance. Many of the craftsmen we met have given up their craft and are trying to pursue more monetarily beneficial professions. This is not only a result of the dying demand for handicraft products but also due to lack of natural resources.

Nowadays a number of families in Balasore still thrive on lacquer work. And they’re facing all kinds of problems, because of modern toys and electric toys are availabe in market. It’s not their problem, it’s the problem of people’s awareness of the craft. Day by day we are losing this kind of craft and beauty of the craft. Gradually all the artisans are changing their profession bacause they are facing kind of issues.

Here is the following issues - The craft is not being sold much.They do not have an online sales platform. They need a proper solution for packaging.Through design development program could be improve their workflow. They do not have Modern tools and kiln. Exposer visit also need to artisans.

So here’s the chance to restore the craft. We should stand with the every craftsman. A Lacquer doll craftsman’s son is using social media to research about adapting traditional crafts to urban markets. He has also been selling his products online. So, using technology in the right way can certainly aid in reviving these art forms.

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