About Sharod-somman-2022

Durga Puja- the ritual filled grand festival for Bengalis is more than just a ritual. It is the prime time of the year to reunite with family, friends, and the community, explore the craftsmanship and culture of Bengal, diving into gastronomic feast on various cuisines and sweets of Bengal; tireless pandal hopping. Durga Puja is an emotion. During such a festive season, taking care of the elderly is a responsibility which everyone should take. Our parents or elders sacrifice their golden days with smiling faces in shaping our life and career. Being a responsible citizen of Bengal, we should keep our attention to take care of elderly people. Unfortunately, in today’s spontaneous busy world, their facilities are frequently ignored. Keeping this in mind, CraftSocially has taken up an initiative to felicitate the Puja Pandals which have the best elder friendly facilities and priorities. CraftSocially judges have chosen 10 Durga Puja Pandals all over Kolkata including Traditional Durgapuja in various Rajbari. We congratulate the winners of CraftSocially Elder Friendly Puja Award 2022.

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