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Contemporary Stance of Metal Craftsmen

Bivas Ghosh Bivas Ghosh Oct 18, 2020 · 2 mins read
Contemporary Stance of Metal Craftsmen
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The Byword of Dariyapur is Centered Around Craft Dhokra That Symbolizes the Culture, Tradition, and Ethnic Values. Dariyapur Dhokra is one of the Oldest & Esteemed crafts of West Bengal and one of the Important Suppliers of handicrafts in Today’s Craft Market. The Present Context attempts to Limelight the essence of Dhokra Craftsmen that hold the West Bengal Craft in High Recognition. The Beauty & Charm of this Craft has always been a Source of attraction to many Indian & foreign tourists. The Gifted Craftsmen Could Produce Wonderful Commodities of Craft From Indigenous Materials.

Despite Craft Sector got Firmed over many Centuries ago,these Dhokra Craftsmen has not Remained Entirely Static.These Craftsmen don’t have any formal System of Apprenticeship as such Craft training doesn’t exist in Dariyapur. From the Beginning of Juvenile Phase Dhokra Craft is Everywhere around them.Every other Space Corner Of Village is taken up Either for Moulds Artifacts or Various Stages of Preparation.Young Ones learned to Imitate their Elders Very Soon by playing with Clay, Core making and Eventually Detailed Modelling using Dhuno/Dhup.The Fastest Learners soon Become Useful addition to a Family Team.

The Entire family engaged themselves in Crafting Dhokra

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He is Mr. Subhash Mondal,65 Y/o.Currently the President of Dariyapur Artisans Cooperative Industrial Society Ltd.He is Having Prominent Skills in Moulding and Innovative Designs.He is been Crafting this Since he was Child.He has got more than 50 Long Years of Intense Knowledge & Experience,got awarded at Various National Levels .Apart from Crafting he has Engaged Himself in Farming.


He is Mr. Ashok karmakar 45 Y/o.He is Passionate about his Ideas and Fixing Design Improvements Since His Childhood.He is been Crafting along with his Elder Brothers For More than 30 years.Got Awarded Several Times for his Creation.

The Dariyapur Craftsmen agreed that it is difficult to make a living at all unless the family are fully Engaged in the Craft and those with Small Families are at a Disadvantage.Young Women Marrying into the Village often have Several Years of Elementary Education whilst Most Children manage to attend two to three years of Schooling.But the Appeal of Joining the Craft world or work is very Enticing and Social Pressures to Contribute the Best.

Over the Years The Dhokra Artisans Face Several Problems Including Marketing,due to shortage of Financial Resources advertising Publicity Can’t be Undertaken by Artisans.Craftsmen often Faced the hurdle of Systematic Marketing Network that Stand out to be a Discouraging Factor in Dariyapur,Gushkara. These Craftsmen Lack Innovative Ideas and Technologies and yet Same Monotone of Craft is Followed.

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