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Current exploration and situation of mythical wooden doll

Sushovan Ray Sushovan Ray Oct 18, 2020 · 1 min read
Current exploration and situation of mythical wooden doll
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Current situation of mythical doll is more better than past, this craft is the one of the way of economical sources near the artisans. In this way I present the traditional craft of Natungram ( Mythical wooden doll). My best wishes forthe artisans and their traditional craft also . Now a days Natungram Mythical wooden doll now not only the doll making work. If we want we can spread this craft into the furniture and interior design, home furnishing, home decor also.

• Present situation of the craft is good, • Village -Natungram,(traditional craft which represent the village ) • District- Purba Bardhaman(traditional craft which represent the village ) • State -West Bengal ( now craft represent the District) • Country-India ( Now represent the India ,a traditional craft of India )

Sugestions about the craft

• They are needed to make a average pricelist of the product. • They can use veritas type of material if they are want to use mixed material like metal, Slip custing, they can use paper pulp for making the product. • Needed to modify packaging and box system.

Government Role

• Making a common facility center at Natungram, Purba Bardhhaman’s developed by West Bengal Khadi and Village Industries Board (WBKVIB).

• Under the project of (Developing Rural Craft Hub of West Bengal).

• Supported by (Department of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Textile ,Govt of W.B, and UNESCO).

• Made a building for leaving of common people Room rent price Rs -600/- per day, Museum , Govt provide two machine Rale and Traubel machine .

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