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Emphasizing the Aesthetics & Essence of Dariyapur

Oct 18, 2020 · 1 min read
Emphasizing the Aesthetics & Essence of Dariyapur
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India is a Vast Country with Diverse and Exquisite Forms of art Prevailing Since Time Immemorial.The Bronze Age on the Indian subcontinent began around 3300 BC. Inhabitants of the Indus Valley, the Harappans, developed this new techniques (Dhokra). ‘Dhokra’ is non–ferrous metal casting using the lost-wax casting technique. Now the ‘Dhokra’ Craftsmen were settled over a vast tract in the mineral-rich central Indian tribal belt. This ethnic craft had crossed a long path and till a date it is practiced by the craftsman in ancient and tradition way.This Craft Is pre-dominant in the District of Bardhaman & Bankura. Here the Context covers the Magnificence of Dariyapur Covering wide Perspective of Dhokra Craft.

Dariyapur,the hub of Dhokra is located in Gushkara,District of Bardhaman. The Vast Stretches of Paddy Fields adds Scenic Beauty and Purity. A small Prominent Village having around 40 families of Artisans Practicing the Craft.It is well known By its Dhokra Fair Showcasing artifacts with Intricate and Vivid Designs, around Mid week of September every Year engaging masses into its Common nest.


Craftsmen of Dariyapur are work-Shipping their craft in a very Peaceful manner,Comprising Different Castes and Communities.The Village is well known for its Authentic & Efficient Craftsmen and has a very Proud History.Crafting Dhokra and agriculture is the Prime Source of Livelihood in Dariyapur.There is No doubt that Much Improvements has been made to Upgrade the Artisans from Every Socio-Economic aspect of Life but it is not Enough.

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