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History of mythical wooden doll

Sushovan Ray Sushovan Ray Oct 18, 2020 · 1 min read
History of mythical wooden doll
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At the period of Bardhaman kings patronage artisans are doing stone carving (needed to mention - our Dakshineswar Maa kali idol was made in Dainhat) after destroasion of stone curving work ,at that period for lack of money, materials the artisans are started to making only owl shape doll from the brunches of tree ,which are use in Laxmi puja purpose.

• At the time of kings patronage, have a station Dainhat which is before station of Katwa. who are working upon the stone curving.

• After the death of the king the period of 1941 to 1950 the worker faces difficulties to do the work for that case they are left the work slowly.

• One of the common family of Natungram is “Sutradhar”, “Bhaskar” means narrator or storyteller.

• For the facing of difficult situation for that case they are started to making wooden doll from the branches of the tree.

• The characteristic of the doll are ancient folklore and mythology.

• They are also relative of at that type who are working stonework and nowadays who are making wooden dolls.

• Based on the information after restoration of the stonework then is more range was start making wooden dolls.

• HarIpodo Roychowdhry who was a design master was given training in the villager’s and to do design development of every doll, make the ready simplify of the form every product.

• Today from 24 or 25 years ago the training was held by the inspiration of Haripodo Roychodhuri.


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