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Raipur Jute & Pulp Craft

Abhijit Pradhan Abhijit Pradhan Oct 18, 2020 · 1 min read
Raipur Jute & Pulp Craft
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Jute and Pulp craft is also known as a Paat (পাট) work in West Bengal. Gouranga Das has been working in jute for the last fourteen years. He was studied at Visva-Bharati University. Gouranga Das’s home is in Raipur (near Bolpur). Their whole family is involved in this work. By making pulp with jute, he makes various sculptures and decorative products. In addition to the family, 15 other artists came to work at Gouranga’s house. Collects all raw materials from the market. How long it takes to make depends on the product. They sell all goods at home and abroad. He is making a living by doing this.

Gouranga Das has traditionally been doing the job for 14 years. The process of making jute things from him. The following methods are given below-

Step-1 They make wooden or clay frames to make the structure of the pulp. The wooden model takes time to make but is ready to use after making. And it takes a long time to dry after making the soil model. Again, when large models are made, the method of making statues is followed. The model is then made with rice straw and bamboo. Then they prepare pulp for making structure. After the structure is made, it is covered with newspapers.

Step-2 A thin layer of pulp is given over the newspaper. Once the pulp coating has dried, it is cut and separated from the structure. Then the lining of the pulp is paired without wood/clay structure. After attaching, it should be dried for a few hours.

Step-3 The work of making color begins. After the dye is made, the jute is dipped in the dye. For modeling, you have to color the jute as you need it.

Step- 4 Color jute and colorless jute are wrapped as needed on the structure. They apply glue to the jute while wrapping the jute in the structure. The jute is spread out and ready to pack after drying for a few hours. After packing, it is sent to the customer.

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Abhijit Pradhan
Written by Abhijit Pradhan
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