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CraftSocially Elder Friendly Durga Puja Photography Award Ceremony & Exhibition 2023

On January 7, 2024, the ICCR Abanindranath Tagore Gallery in Kolkata was adorned with the brilliance of storytelling through the lens. Distinguished judges and special guests came tog...

In Photography, durgapuja, Jan 11, 2024

CraftSocially Elder Friendly Durga Puja Photography Contest 2023

Hello, everyone! Technicise & CraftSocially are thrilled to announce a special photography contest for photo enthusiasts who wants to capture emotions through their lenses. 🌟

In Photography, durgapuja, Dec 13, 2023

CraftSocially শারদ সন্মান ২০২৩

দূর্গা পূজা- বাঙালীর শারদীয় মহা উৎসব শুধু একটা রীতিনীতির চেয়েও বেশি কিছু। পরিবার, বন্ধু, এবং সম্প্রদায়ের সাথে পুনর্মিলিত হওয়া, বাংলার কারুকার্য ও সংস্কৃতি অন্বেষণ করা, বাংলার বিভি...

In dokra, craft, Oct 20, 2023

Online দূর্গা পুজো পরিক্রমা

Durga Puja is a festival close to heart of people of Bengal. Many of them are away from home due to work or could not go out to visit pandel due to Covid Pandemic. Our endeavor is to ...

In durga, puja, bengal, craft, Oct 16, 2021

CraftSocially শারদ সন্মান ২০২১

আমার রাত পোহাল, শারদপ্রাতে……।।একটা দীর্ঘ অপেক্ষা থাকে এই আশ্বিনের ভোরের জন্য, তাই কবিগুরুকে দিয়েই বাঙ্গালির সবথেকে বড় উৎসবের উদযাপন শুরু করলাম, পেঁজা তুলোর মতো সাদা মেঘের ভেলা কেউ যেন...

In dokra, craft, Oct 10, 2021

Raipur Jute & Pulp Craft

Jute and Pulp craft is also known as a Paat (পাট) work in West Bengal. Gouranga Das has been working in jute for the last fourteen years. He was studied at Visva-Bharati University....

In jute, pulp, craft, Oct 18, 2020

History of mythical wooden doll

At the period of Bardhaman kings patronage artisans are doing stone carving (needed to mention - our Dakshineswar Maa kali idol was made in Dainhat) after destroasion of stone curving...

In wooden, doll, craft, Oct 18, 2020

Emphasizing the Aesthetics & Essence of Dariyapur

India is a Vast Country with Diverse and Exquisite Forms of art Prevailing Since Time Immemorial.The Bronze Age on the Indian subcontinent began around 3300 BC. Inhabitants of the Ind...

In Dokra, craft, Oct 18, 2020

Current exploration and situation of mythical wooden doll

Current situation of mythical doll is more better than past, this craft is the one of the way of economical sources near the artisans. In this way I present the traditional craft of N...

In wooden doll, craft, Oct 18, 2020

Contemporary Stance of Metal Craftsmen

The Byword of Dariyapur is Centered Around Craft Dhokra That Symbolizes the Culture, Tradition, and Ethnic Values. Dariyapur Dhokra is one of the Oldest & Esteemed crafts of West ...

In dokra, craft, Oct 18, 2020